Custom Jewelry Design, CAD/CAM, Product Design and Development.

3D Printing

Rapid prototyping of jewelry models, engineering models, product prototypes.

Lost Wax Casting

Direct Casting of RP Resin Printed Models and Wax Models.

Mold Making

Creating rubber molds and aluminum molds for jewelry.

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3D Printing Services

We offer various types of 3d printing services for jewelry, prototyping, and architectural work.

Each project has it’s own unique needs and may require a specific printer to meet those needs and we can help you with that. Prices range based on size of print, complexity and finishing services requirements.

90 percent of our printing is done on a Ultra-High Resolution SOLUS DLP 3D Printer. With resolutions of up to 25 microns every little detail will be printed with extreme accuracy. For more information about the SOLUS 3D Printer, click here.

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Direct Lost Wax Casting for Jewelry, Figurines and Toys

Monger Designs works with highly talented casters who have more than 30 years experience with casting using precious metals and other alloys. We are also experienced in casting RP resins with great success and we are confident that we can help you with your casting needs. Be it for jewelry or figurines, we can cast it all.

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